Success story of Tara Langston against Coronavirus

Success story! If anyone still smokes, put the cigarettes down because I’m telling you now you need your lungs. I mean it; because it gets really bad.

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NameTara Jane Langston
PlaceMiddlesex, England
Coronavirus Survivor Story (Success Stories)Tara Jane started feeling ill and was taken to the hospital after she contacted 111. The staff at the hospital informed her that she had a chest infection and had prescribed antibiotics and had asked to go home.

But later her condition was really serious. Richard Langston, her husband, says “It was a horrific and terrifying ordeal.” Her condition was like a pendulum, getting better to feeling worse. They again called 111 and with the help of an ambulance, they were able to reach the hospital in time.

After being tested positive for the COVID 19, Tara Jane sent a video to a Whatsapp group with her colleagues. She was trying to convey the worst condition she was facing after being affected by the coronavirus. She said: “If anyone is thinking of taking any chances, just take a look at me. I’m in the intensive care unit. I can’t breathe without this. They’ve had to sew that into my artery. I’ve got a cannula, another cannula, and a catheter. I’m actually ten times better right now the more I was before, I don’t even know I’ve lost count of the days. If anyone still smokes, put the cigarettes down because I’m telling you now you need your lungs. And please none of you take any chances, I mean it; because it gets really bad and you are going to end up here. okay. Thank you for all your lovely messages, I really appreciate it. And my body is fighting this, I’ve not seen Richard, I’ve not seen the girls since Friday and I’m just going to fight this. So once again don’t take any chances.”

This video went viral and has been viewed by tens of thousands of people. Her family was questioned regarding the authenticity of the video as Tara Jane did not make any reference to coronavirus. Her sister, Nicole Poppy Keatley, said: “One of the people she works with shared it. Never asked her or told her it went viral while she was in her hospital bed and didn’t know till the next day.”

To prove the authenticity, Tara Jane was forced to create a second video to show she was telling the truth. In this video, she said: “Okay, so I went to sleep and woke up and apparently my video has gone viral, that video I sent to my work colleagues to warn them and I had no idea it was gonna be uploaded. But anyway, people are obviously in the dark about this and even the doctors here that’s a scary thing. When you ask them a question their answer is “I don’t know”. So I’ll say is this cough going to go and they’ll say “I don’t know”, am I going to get better completely “I don’t know.” That’s what makes it scary.”

And she also narrated in the second video, how bad she felt during the week before, on Friday, she came to the hospital and after visiting the hospital what did the hospital staff suggests. Tara said: “I had a stabbing pain in my back and they told me I had a respiratory tract lower respiratory infection. They didn’t swab me, sent me home with amoxicillin. I called my doctor four days later and I said I’m not getting any better, but I was told just to keep taking the amoxicillin.”

Do you know what could be the reason for her bad condition?
Tara said: “Now I’m 39 and I’m healthy, the only complications I’ve ever had with my lungs is when I had my daughter, two and half years ago, I had fluid on my lungs. So that could be why my lungs have been more susceptible to this”

In the third video, Tara Jane told that she was feeling much better and hoping to go home soon to see her daughters and husband.

In the fourth video, Tara came live on Good Morning Britain and she felt very happy being at home with her family and her
Mother’s Day surprise to her children.
Thanksgiving & Message“Nevertheless if you have any asthma or anything like that it will make you more susceptible. What I say about smoking is, if you get ill you need your lungs to fight it and you just want to give yourself the best chance basically.”

“So I’ve been moved out of ICU and I’m now in a room completely on my own isolated. The
nurses are amazing, the sad thing is they are running out of protective equipment. A nurse came in here to do my stats and she was wearing a clear plastic bag on her head.”
Infection OriginNot mentioned
SymptomsFelt ill (condition: getting better to feeling worse), stabbing pain in my back;
Testing methodNot mentioned
TreatmentPrescribed by hospital staff
Recovery Period9 days in hospital, with 3 days in ICU
Prevention (#HelpStopCoronavirus)Quit smoking, Stay home;
Reporthello [at] intelligentdevice [dot] org
Reference (#MyCoronavirusStory)


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need your lungsneed-lungs
I don’t knowdoctors-say-i-don't-know
stabbing in my backstabbing in my back
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Mother’s daymothers-day
nurses are amazingnurses-are-amazing
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