Success story of Jesse Vanderhoof against Coronavirus

Success story! Jesse, frontlines nurse, had contracted the coronavirus and ended up in Delirium. Coronavirus pandemic is like a “delirium factory.”

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NameJesse Vanderhoof
PlaceHailey, Idaho
Coronavirus Survivor Story (Success Stories)Jesse was working in mobile COVID 19 testing tents and was complaining about the flu and cold.

Emily Vanderhoof, his wife, says: “He just kinda felt like I might have a cold but wasn’t like oh I’m for sure sick.”

Since his
condition was terrible, severe cough, body aches, and chills, he decided to get tested.

Emily also testifies: “He just kept saying if this is the flu this is the worst flu I’ve had in my life.”

Later he was taken to
hospital and intubated.

Jesse along with his wife came live on CNN via Cisco Webex and reported the details below.

Jesse said: “I don’t totally feel like I got ran over, but I still feel the effects of COVID. I think when anyone spends the amount of time that they do in like a bed, you
lose so much weight and lose so much muscle and you just going to feel horrible for a while. And add on top of that effects of COVID, it’s a challenging experience.”

Emily shared how she and Jesse struggled during after recovery period. She said he came home with a
‘walker’ and could hardly walk and was having difficulties climbing upstairs, so she had to shift bed downstairs. Later on, he was able to sit on the couch so that she could assure he could walk faster.

Jesse said: At first, he didn’t know totally
delirium was a side effect of the COVID 19 or it was the side effects of medications he had taken while he was on the ventilator, ICU. Either way, it was much worse.

He said: “My brain wanted to keep on looping
over and over and over and I kept on asking without realizing that already asked these questions, lots of time.”

He also said he doesn’t know how he came contracted with this virus. He woke up on his birthday with 50 text people saying something about this coronavirus. It was like what is going on? He doesn’t understand at all what is happening and like that was part of like the initial coronavirus.

Jesse said: “At this point, it’s starting to get clear, but for a while there, especially right after I was starting to gain consciousness and especially after … they took the intubation tube out, it was really, really confusing to me.”

According to Dr. E. Wesley Ely, an American physician, and professor of medicine as the Grant W. Liddle Endowed Chair at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. Research Interest: ICU delirium,

Delirium appears to be most common among ICU patients even in normal times. But he said that this
coronavirus pandemic is like a “delirium factory.”

Also after contracting coronavirus disease patients are prone to neurological symptoms, according to research published in JAMA Neurology last week and Long-term cognitive impairment after critical illness.
Thanksgiving & MessageI have no regrets being a nurse again:

He had contracted the coronavirus while working on the frontlines as a nurse trying to fight it. He was in the hospital for a total of 11 days with 7 days in ICU. The worse thing is he ended up in Delirium after this recovery from COVID 19.

Jesse says ” In no way at all do I feel bad about being a nurse and trying to help anyone. You know like if I had learned anything in this experience with medical problems I want to help people more than I ever have before.”

Sometimes it is the opposite, we should definitely thank and appreciate Jesse Vanderhoof and especially his wife Emily Vanderhoof, taking care of him during his hard times after recovery from coronavirus, for his humanitarian service and brave struggle.
Infection OriginHe contracted the coronavirus while working on the frontlines and mobile COVID 19 testing tents as a nurse trying to fight it.
SymptomsFlu, severe cough, body aches, and chills
Testing methodSwab
TreatmentPrescribed by hospital staff
Recovery Period11 days in hospital with 7 days in ICU
Prevention (#HelpStopCoronavirus)Social distancing
Reporthello [at] intelligentdevice [dot] org
Reference (#MyCoronavirusStory)


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COVID 19 testing tentscovid-19-testing-tents
condition was terriblecondition-went-terrible
hospital and intubatedhospital-intubated
lose so much weightweight-loss
over and over and over and I kept on askingquestioned
coronavirus pandemic is like a “delirium factory”
no regrets being a nursenurses-are-amazing

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